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What our happy clients are saying...

"My 14-year-old Labrador Retriever Frieda suffers from severe arthritis. She also tends to limit the amount of physical contact she will allow anyone to bestow on her. After many weeks of laser therapy and twice weekly injections of Adequan, Frieda was leery of receiving hands-on massage therapy during her first session with Kris. But, Ms. Whipple’s loving, sensitive, and carefully modulated treatment immediately won over Frieda’s trust. Frieda now looks forward to her weekly session as the highpoint of her week. She is at her most comfortable and maneuverable on the days following her therapy. I am convinced that Frieda’s quality of life had been vastly improved by the six-week course of treatments from Ms. Whipple and I plan to continue the therapy for Frieda in the future.”

What can I say, both Brisco and I think that massage is the best thing that happened for him. Kris really helped me to see the value in massage for relaxation due to stress. Brisco would come in and lay down before Kris was ready to start. Then, after my other dog was finished [with his massage,] he would be right back on the mat, ready for seconds!”

I was very pleased with how [Kris] worked with Georgia. She was very aware of Georgia's sensitivity and that she needed rest breaks during the session. I know Georgia enjoyed it because she was always so happy to come for her massage. It helped Georgia with the arthritis in her hip. I saw a definite improvement in her activity level and her walking.”

Titan always looked forward to Kris’s massage. Both my dogs and I love her. She is friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and a great trainer. I learned a lot about dog food, nutrition, what the breeds need, and how to handle, stretch, and massage the dogs. I highly recommend Kris to every dog/animal owner. She is the best!”

My Border Collie Winston is a very fidgety one. Kris understood this and let him take frequent breaks, and she was also very aware of his sensitive spots. By the end of our sessions, Winston was able to relax and make it through a complete massage.”