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What to expect during and after

We come to you!

Car rides and strange places can be stressful for dogs so we come to you. I offer house calls within the Naples area and Marco Island (and, for an additional travel fee) Bonita Springs and Estero.

The Initial Consultation - Getting to Know You

Your first appointment will last 60-75 minutes and include an assessment and introductory massage session. The initial consultation provides an opportunity for your dog to meet me and a chance for me to get to know and understand your dog: his/her personality, temperament, gait, confirmation, exercise routine, diet, medical history, lifestyle and response to touch. My holistic approach considers your whole dog, including emotional, environmental, genetic, and physical factors.

Massage is not a substitute for veterinary care. If your dog has serious medical issues, veterinary approval to proceed with massage will be required.

Setting the Stage for Relaxation

During my sessions I devote time to connect with your dog in a quiet setting, free from the distractions of other pets and family members. I bring cushioned mats and relaxing music (designed specifically for canines) to enhance your dogs physical and emotional comfort. You are welcome to stay during the session... Many pet parents say that simply observing their dog receive a massage makes them feel more relaxed too!

Follow-up visits are 30-60 minutes depending on your dog’s size, condition and temperament.  For massage to be effective it must be a positive experience for your pet. Therefore, your dog ultimately decides when the session is over.

Seeing the Results

When done properly, massage can truly enhance your dog’s life.  Noticeable results may occur after only one session. Sometimes it may take several. Pet owners tell me their dog’s sleep more soundly and eat better, their older dogs are more active and comfortable, their puppies are calm and their anxious dog finally learns to relax. Some have told me it’s like a “Mini-vacation for them and their dog” and the “Best part of their week."

Feel free to contact us to discuss how canine massage can support your dog’s specific needs and start them on the path to better health.

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