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How massage benefits your dog ...

"Dog and cat massage has so many physical and psychological benefits for your pet that you could almost call it an essential of health care, like grooming, feeding, exercise, etc."

-Dr. Michael W. FoxThe Healing Touch

I have a stressed, anxious dog, or a newly-adopted dog.

Massage affects animals on many emotional levels and can help with depression, fear, separation anxiety, trauma, grieving and shyness. Massage affects the Autonomic Nervous System, calming the "fight or flight" response and lowering stress hormones in the body. Massage promotes comfort, self-worth, bonding and emotional well-being.

My dog is recovering from illness or inury.

Massage can play a critical component in rehabilitative therapy. Massage releases endorphins (the body's natural pain relievers) and increases the circulation of blood, nutrients and oxygen to the tissues which promotes healing. Massage helps cleanse the body of metabolic waste and stimulates the immune system which allows your dog to fight off infection and aids in the healing process.

My dog is a pug, boxer, or other short-nosed breed.

Massage can benefit breeds with challenging respiratory genetics such as Shih Tzu, Boxers, Bulldogs, Pugs and Pekinese and enhance their ability to breathe. Massage can increase circulation to the respiratory system and drain lymph nodes. This encourages the flow of white blood cells, the internal disease fighter.

My dog is still a puppy.

Massage can help calm your puppy and get it accustomed to positive touch. Massage enhances circulation and joint health which is particularly beneficial for large breed puppies. Because fast-growing bones are more prone to sprains and strains, regular massage around the joints can accelerate the rate of healing.

I have a Sports Dog that competes.

Massage helps keep canine athletes in optimum condition. It enhances their flexibility, prevents stiffness and soreness and reduces the chance of injury. Massage increases circulation which leads to enhanced performance and shorter recovery times. Click here to learn more about the benefits of massage for sports dogs.

I have a senior dog.

Massage can help relieve the discomfort of old age and the pain and stiffness that accompanies degenerating conditions such as chronic arthritis and hip dysplasia. It can improve range of motion, muscle tone and flexibility, respiratory and mental function. Click here to learn more about the benefits of massage for senior dog.

I have a healthy, well-balanced dog.

Therapeutic massage promotes a dog’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. It boosts the circulatory and immune systems enhancing circulation, oxygenation, muscle tone, digestion, skin tone and overall wellness. Massage stimulates acupressure points which rebalance organs and energy throughout the body.

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